Elevating Hotel's Visual Story
MARM360, your dedicated partner for exceptional architecture photography and content services exclusively tailored to hotels and resorts. We are committed to delivering the highest quality imagery that impeccably captures the essence and experience of your property. With a proven track record of showcasing the beauty and allure of hotels, we are dedicated to helping you stand out in the competitive hospitality industry.
Our Commitment to Excellence
We believe that every photoshoot is an opportunity to create a visually stunning collection of images that highlight your hotel's distinct features, luxurious accommodations, inviting amenities, and captivating ambiance. Our comprehensive services include:
Architectural and Interior Photography: Meticulously capturing your property's essence, showcasing its unique features, and creating an irresistible atmosphere.
Food Photography: Presenting mouth-watering food photography that beautifully showcases your culinary offerings, enticing guests to dine at your establishment.
Lifestyle Photography: Bringing your hotel's lifestyle to the forefront, forging an emotional connection with potential guests.
Social Media Content Creation: Crafting content specifically designed for various social media platforms to engage your audience and drive bookings.
Promotional Video Production: Professionally producing videos that tell your hotel's story, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.
Additionally, we employ advanced post-processing techniques, including color grading, retouching, and enhancements, to ensure that each image is flawless and captivating.
Cutting-Edge Equipment:
MARM360 utilizes best-of-class professional-quality camera gear to consistently achieve the desired results, effectively conveying the distinctive atmosphere and ambiance of each property. Our current equipment includes the Fujifilm GFX 100s (102-megapixel digital medium format camera) along with a comprehensive array of lenses, professional lighting systems, and supporting gear. Additionally, We have the Fujifilm X-H2s camera and pro-quality lenses specifically for video and social media content creation. To ensure the highest quality video production, we have also integrated the Rhino ARC II motorized motion system, providing smooth and precise footage. 
Our Distinguished Clients:
Over the years, we've had the privilege of working with numerous hotel brands, ranging from multinational chains to boutique hotels and resorts. Some of the renowned brands we've collaborated with include JW Marriott, Novotel, IBIS, Hilton, The Leela, ITC, Holiday Inn, Vivanta, The Lalit, Mayfair, Sarovar, and more.
Flexible Pricing:
Our pricing model is competitive and flexible, tailored to accommodate your budget range and specific preferences. We're committed to providing you with a detailed quote that aligns perfectly with your requirements.
Get in Touch:
We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you and helping to showcase your hotel in the limelight with high-quality visual content. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at rakesh@marm360.com or via phone/WhatsApp at +91 7874100621 for inquiries, potential collaborations, or to discuss your project requirements further.

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