MARM360, an architecture photographer, exclusively works with hotels and resorts to provide the highest quality imagery that captures the property’s essence and experience.
We’ve moved things on from staged, idealized in favor of authenticity to connect more emotionally with the audience. Our aim would always be to make the viewer feel part of the story.
Our work presents an energizing and optimistic view of the property to capture Interior & Exterior, Lifestyle, Food, Video, etc.
Specialized in the Hospitality Industry:
We work effectively with pre-shoot interaction, prepare required documents, and photo-shoot schedule sheet. We work as directed Hotel brand-guideline, strong aesthetic sense, critical thinking, and strong attention to small details considering all aspects.
A wealth of Experience:
We have excellent knowledge and experience with more than 20+ years and 1000+ Hotel projects of successful track record. We had worked with a variety of Hotel projects, including multinational, national hotel chains and individual boutique hotels/resorts.
Flawless Delivery & Fabulous Content:
We ensure that to deliver content should be high quality in everything we do, carefully follow brand guidelines, properly color graded, convey the distinctive ambiance, and tell the hotel’s unique story.
Best-of-Class Equipment & Distinctive skill
We’re ahead of the curve. We have strong technical knowledge of cameras, lenses, and supporting equipment. We work with specific camera gears to ensure the highest quality of work, saturated, crisp, and beautifully lit to create an authentic feel of our photography.
We have various lenses from Ultra-wide angle lenses, Tilt-Shift lenses (to control the perspective & the distortion), long, medium lenses for creative shots to close-up macros for details and food shots. We also use Profoto lighting gears, high-quality filters, advanced Rhino Arc-II motion control systems, etc.
We had worked with a variety of hotel projects including multinational chains and individual hotels/resorts such as Marriott, Radisson, Novotel, IBIS, Hilton, The Leela, ITC, Vivanta by Taj, Mayfair, Sarovar, etc.